Black Cola Hat

Black Cola Hat

$ 28.00

  • Pre-curved bill
  • Self-fabric closure with logo antique brass buckle and grommet tuck-in

Columbia, SC, AKA Cola, Soda City, Famously Hot
Did you know...

  • Washington Street was once paved with wooden blocks. This was a source of amusement for local residents because every time it rained the blocks would float away. The wooden blocks were replaced with asphalt paving in 1925.
  • Williams-Brice is one of just two stadiums named solely for a woman, after Martha Williams-Brice left the majority of her estate to the university for expansion and renovations to the stadium in 1972.
  • Synchronous fireflies, or fireflies that light up all at the same time, are found in only half a dozen places in the entire world. One of them happens to be right outside Columbia, in Congaree National Park.

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